How to Get Candy Corn Fast in Wacky Wizards

wacky wizards halloween update candy corn

Wacky Wizards has been a lot of fun this month with the introduction of the Halloween update & various different events. In this guide we’ll breakdown & show you all of the best ways to get candy corn fast in Wacky Wizards!

Scaring NPCs with Potions

scare potion wacky wizards

The first & quickest way to get some candy corn in Wacky Wizards is to complete the scare board located in the middle of the map. Look for the headless horseman & talk to him for help.

In order to complete the scare board you must make the correct potion to scare each one of the NPCs on the map. Drink the potion while standing next to them to scare them. If you used the right potion they will get scared & you will get 50 candy corn.

Once you complete the scare board you will have to wait until the next day for it to reset to complete it again with different potions. The board changes every day.

Working with the Potion Trader

wacky wizards trader candy corns

Every hour the Potion Trader shows up for 30 minutes near the potion cannon on the map. He will sit in the middle of the ground with his potion stand setup.

Bring the trader the correct potions & he will award you with some candy corn for your effort. This is probably one of the slowest ways to earn candy, but can still be helpful in collect a few extra pieces every day.

Finding Candy on the Map

wacky wizards candy corn locations

One of the slowest but most simple ways to get candy corn in the Wacky Wizards Halloween update is to simply find it on the map. There are 13 hidden locations on that map that you can find candy corn in.

Each candy corn that you pick up is worth between 1-3 candy corns to your total. Each candy also takes some time to re-spawn, so you will have to remember to collect them every so often.

Jumping between worlds will not reset the candies on the map.

Killing Zombies in the Graveyard

wacky wizards zombies halloween

Killing zombies in the graveyards throughout the map is probably the best & fastest way to get candy corn in Wacky Wizards. This is because they spawn back quickly & multiple zombies spawn at once.

Each zombie will drop 1-3 candy corn when killed. You can sit back & farm them with strong weapons (guns, boxing gloves, airstrikes) and glitch them behind the tomb stones so that they can’t hit you.

They can kill you but it takes a lot of hits. So make sure you keep your distance when fighting them.

The best weapons to use against the zombies are:

Pig Launcher – Gun + Pet Tags

Skeleton Bow – Gun + Undead

Airstrike Potions – Any potion using the premium airstrike ingredient

Wrapping Up

The Wacky Wizards Halloween update is almost coming to an end. We hope you found this candy corn guide helpful! Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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