How to Get Candy in Blox Fruits (Update 17)

blox fruits candy

Blox Fruits released the new Update 17 on December 30th, 2021. It offers limited-time accessories and a re-introduction of Candies, a useful currency for unlocking your character’s potential and for getting unique accessories. In this article, we will look at how to get Candies and what cool perks they can unlock for you!

How Do You Get Candy in Blox Fruits?

Candies are earned when you defeat NPC enemies who are at a similar level to you. The drop rate isn’t 100%, so you won’t get Candies every time.

Pro Tip: Equipping a Logia fruit helps aid the process of farming candies as it blocks enemies from damaging you if your level is equal to theirs or higher. Logia fruits, due to their immunity abilities, make it so you don’t take unnecessary damage while you grind for candies.

What is Candy used for?

Update 17 added Christmas NPCs that can trade your Candies for rare items and perks such as Accessories, Fragments, Stats Refunds, EXP, Fruits, and Race Reroll.

Where do You Trade Candies?

blox fruits candies update 17

Candies can be traded with the Christmas NPCs that have been added to all of the seas. One of their locations is at the Mansion in the Third Sea, where you can find Santa Claws, the Magic Elf, and the Greedy Elf. Another location is at The Café in the Second Sea.

What can You Trade Candies in for?

Santa Claws is offering limited-time Accessories and Items for Candies:

  • Elf Hat: This accessory costs 250 Candies and grants your player 20% more speed, 10% more damage, and a -5% cooldown reduction.
  • Santa Hat: This accessory costs 500 Candies and grants your player 30% more speed (which is stackable with Mink and Buddha), 12.5% more damage with Fruits and Swords, and an extra 400 points for both energy and health. It is recommended to skip the Elf Hat and go straight for the Santa Hat due to the better stats of the item.
  • Sleigh: This ship costs 1000 Candies and can be spawned at the Luxury Boat Dealer for B$5,000. It is the second-fastest ship in Blox Fruits, making it the fastest non-gamepass ship, and it comes with three seats.

The Magic Elf is offering useful perks for your character:

  • 2x EXP: This perk costs 50 Candies and lasts for 15 minutes, doubling the EXP you earn.
  • Stats Refund: This perk costs 50 Candies and allows you to reset your Stats and re-spend the points.
  • Race Reroll: This perk costs 70 Candies and allows you to reroll your race.

The Greedy Elf is offering Fragments in exchange for Candies:

  • 300 Fragments: This costs 40 Candies to exchange.
  • 700 Fragments: This costs 70 Candies to exchange.

Wrapping Up

This guide covers everything you need to know about how to get Candies and what they can be used for. If you’ve wanted to reroll your race for a while, this is the perfect opportunity to change your race, reset your stats, and improve your character fast.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the new update! Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions about Candies or Blox Fruits.

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