How to Get Coins Fast in Pet Fighters Simulator Roblox

pet fighters simulator roblox

Pet Fighters Simulator is a brand new simulator type game that was released last week by popular YouTuber Russo Games. In this article we’ll show you how to get coins fast & level up your team in no time!

Getting Coins Fast in Pet Fighters Simulator

If you’re just getting started in Pet Fighters Simulator then you will definitely need to start earning some coins right away!

There are a couple different things you can do to earn coins. Attacking monsters and completing quests are currently the best & only ways to earn coins.

Attacking Monsters

One of the fastest and easiest ways to earn coins on Pet Fighters Simulator is to kill the various different monsters scattered throughout each area.

When you start out you will begin at the Grassy Plains.

pet fighters simulator slime monsters

In the Grassy Plains area there are 5 different monsters. The Aqua Slime, Toxic Slime, Fire Slime, Light Slime, and the Dark Slime boss monster! Each slime that you attack drops a different amount of coins.

  • Aqua Slime: 18 coins
  • Toxic Slime: 60 coins
  • Fire Slime: 200 coins
  • Light Slime: 1,000 coins
  • Dark Slime (Boss): 3,600 coins

You can level up your pets and hatch new ones to build a stronger team! This will make it a lot easier/faster to attack each slime. The Dark Slime boss in this area takes the longest to kill, but drops the most coins.

There will be different monsters/bosses that drop coins in each area, and as you level up, you’ll earn more coins at even faster rate!

Completing Quests

Completing the quests in each area is another easy way to earn some quick coins right away! Also starting with the Grassy Plains area, you can complete 4 quests to earn coins.

roxxy quest pet fighters simulator roblox

To start off the quests you can go into Route 1 where you’ll find Roxxy. She’ll ask you to kill 5 aqua slimes, and give you coins in return!

jimmy quest pet fighters simulator

In Route 2 you can help Jimmy find his glasses, which are lost in route 3. He also rewards you in coins when returning to him!

phillip quest pet fighters simulator

Outside of Route 3 is the third quest, you talk to Phillip and he asks you to hatch him 5 Mousweeps. After you’ve hatched them and return to him, he rewards you in around 900 coins!

walter quest pet fighters simulator roblox

The last quest you can do in the Grassy Plains area is inside Route 3. Go all the way to the back and talk to Walter, he’ll tell you to attack the Dark Slime located behind him.

Once again, when you finish your quest, he will reward you with coins!

Wrapping Up

When you’ve made 12k coins in Grassy Plains, you will be able to open the next area, Atlantis Palace! In this area you’ll be able to hatch new pets and earn even more coins.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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