How to Get Deep Gems in Deepwoken

how to get deep gems in deepwoken

Deepwoken, a permadeath anime-style experience, received a new update that makes end-game Deep Gems’s rarity skyrocket, now only being found in The Depths. This guide will go over how you obtain Deep Gems and how they can buff out your Mantras in powerful ways.

How Do You Get Deep Gems?

Deep Gems are found in The Depths from chest drops as you defeat enemy NPCs. Unfortunately, Deep Gems are a rare drop, so you may have to grind a few hours before finding a gem.

Before the recent balancing update, Deep Gems could also be found in the Overworld as a drop from defeating Primadon (giving you between one to three gems for each defeat.) But as of the new update, Primadon no longer drops Deep Gems.

What Are the Best Methods to Acquire Deep Gems?

When going to The Depths to farm for Deep Gems, it is recommended to travel as a group, taking a few friends with you, or going as a guild.

PvP and monsters are extra dangerous in The Depths as, if you die here, your character will wipe, and you will have to restart with a new character or pay 1000 Robux to use a one-time revive.

How are Deep Gems Used?

insignia gem deepwoken deep gems

Equipping a Deep Gem is done in just a few steps:

  1. Sit at a campfire.
  2. Go to the Mantra tab.
  3. Hold the gem you would like to equip.
  4. On whichever Mantra you want to equip the gem, click the Mantra, and click the square.
  5. You should see the gem sit in the square, meaning it’s now equipped to that Mantra.

What Do Deep Gems Do?

There are a variety of Deep Gems that, when equipped to a Mantra, give a useful buff or an effect:

  • Bloodless Gem: It takes life from enemies and restores your health for each successful hit you land and is effective when equipped on multi-hit moves such as Rapid Punches.
  • Blessed Gem: It reduces the wait time of a Mantra and is also used in crafting recipes, such as the Black Diver armor. 
  • Blue Gem: They reduce the amount of ether used on a Mantra and are effective when equipped to high ether cost moves.
  • Wayward Gem: This gem teleports you to your opponent after you land a Mantra, and if effective when placed on combo initiator moves or moves that throw your opponent back. 
  • Wind Gem: After the Mantra hits your enemy, you gain momentum speed effects for a few seconds. This speed is similar to when you slide down a slope.
  • Insignia Gem: When equipped with a Mantra, the following Mantra you use after will become much faster, with the winding up of the move decreased by 25%.

Wrapping Up

Deep Gems have become a little harder to obtain, but diving into the Depths is the best way to find them and unlock your Mantra’s hidden potential. Be sure to take a friend or a guild with you to increase your chance of survival.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions about obtaining Deep Gems, please drop a comment below.

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