How to Get Demon Collar in Demonfall

demonfall demon collar

Demonfall has been an instant hit in the Roblox community over the past few weeks. Based on the popular anime, Demon Slayer, you yourself can forge your own story and become a Demon Slayer!

How to Get Demon Collar in Demonfall

To get the Demon Collar in Demonfall you must defeat a miniboss called the “Ax Demon” located in The White Underground near White Peak.

Follow the short guide below to locate & defeat the Ax Demon.

  1. Start from Hayakawa village. This is the village you enter after the tutorial. Find the ramen shop & make a left turn.
  2. Run straight down the road until you pass the fast travel guy on the left. Continue straight into the Frosty Forest & make a left when you encounter these wooden signs.

  3. Ahead of you there will be a very large wall that you will need to climb up and over by wall jumping.

  4. Climb the set path up the mountain making sure to follow the stair type blocks that continue to ascend.

  5. Once you receive the location prompt telling you that have reached White Peak you are almost there. Continue straight & keep climbing the mountain.

    demonfall white peak
  6. Make sure to stick to the right wall as a guide as to not fall off the edge and risk having to start over!
  7. Once you reach the top, you will see a long flat strip of snowy land with a cave in the distance. Run towards the cave entrance & drop down in order to fight the boss.

    demonfall white underground

Congratulations! We have found the location of the Demon Collar! But…we still have to beat the miniboss that currently holds it so be prepared!

Fighting the Ax Demon In Demonfall

Now the Axe Demon (aptly named because of the GIANT AXE THAT HE WIELDS) is actually not too tough!

demonfall ax demon demon collar

He has a very telegraphed attack where he moves his axe behind him and then slashes forward.

If you time this right, you can dodge it and get a good couple of hits in on the demon.

Be wary that he does have an AOE attack (area of effect attack for those unfamiliar with the term) that will push you away from the miniboss.

This miniboss shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to dispatch depending on your character skill and dodges but once he’s defeated, the Demon Collar will drop on the ground, ripe for your taking!

Wrapping Up

Those are all of the steps that you need to take in order to obtain the Demon Collar in Demonfall.

Once again, my name is Chris and thank you for reading The Helpful Gamer. Please drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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