If you play anime fighting games on Roblox, you are probably familiar with Fruits or Devil Fruits and how they work. They are initially from One Piece, but almost every anime fighting game on Roblox has them. This guide will show you how to get Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

How to get Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X

The fastest & easiest way to get Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X is to buy a random fruit spin from the shop. The fruit costs 199 Robux to spin and has a chance of rewarding you with 1 of 5 possible Devil Fruits currently in the game.

The current Devil Fruits you can get from this are:

  • Chop (56.1% chance)
  • Gomu (26.9% chance)
  • Gura (13.4% chance)
  • Mera (1.68% chance)
  • Ice (1.68% chance)

While this is a fast method to get a fruit, you might be disappointed if you spend money and get Chop or Gomu as they are the most common.

Another FREE way to get Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X is to find them randomly spawned around the map. Like many anime fighting games on Roblox, you can find these fruits scattered around the map at random spawn points.

There is no guaranteed spawn spot and no easy way to predict where they will be, so in order to get fruit this way, you will need to fly around looking for fruits.

One suggested method is to stay near the trees around the map when you are searching, as this seems to be the only place that Devil Fruits spawn.

When looking for fruits around the map, keep your eyes open for glowing items. Similar to chests, fruits have a glowing light that emits from them, which makes them easy to spot.

When a fruit spawns, everyone in the game gets a notification with a distance of how far away from you it spawned. One problem is that many players have the “Fruit Tracker” gamepass, which shows the player exactly where the fruit is when it spawns.

The gamepass costs 2,499 Robux, so this is only an option for rich or pay-to-win players. So while this method doesn’t cost money, you will probably have a rough time finding one in a full server due to players using the Fruit Tracker.

How to equip and unequip Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X

When you finally get your hands on a Devil Fruit, you will need to eat it in order to equip it and access the powers that it grants you. You can then select it in your Hotbar and use it.

To remove or unequip your current active Devil Fruit, you must visit Silver Hair which is located behind the gym in the Demon Slayer area of the map. Here you can spend 5,000 Chikara to remove your fruit which will get rid of it and unequip it. You can then eat another fruit to gain its powers.