How to Get Emeralds Fast in BedWars Roblox

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Getting Emeralds is super important for winning BedWars. In this guide, we’ll show you the fastest ways to get them, and helpful strategies to boost your progress.

What are Emeralds used for in Roblox BedWars?

Emeralds let you purchase the best gear and items in the game, such as the Emerald Sword & Armor, and Telepearls.

What Are All of the Ways to Get Emeralds in a Round?

There are many ways to get Emeralds, such as:

  • Picking them up from the Generator.
  • Upgrading your Team’s generator to Tier 3 where it drops them along with Iron.
  • Taking out other players allows you to scoop up their Emeralds.
  • Using a Farmer Cletus kit to harvest melons.
  • Getting a Beekeeper Beatrix kit to collect them from beehives containing six or more bees.
  • Using a Fisherman kit to fish for them.
  • Equipping a Bounty Hunter kit that, upon killing their target, they receive 1-4 of them.
  • They can also be obtained from lucky blocks.

What is the Fastest Way to Get Emeralds in a Round?

Control the Middle

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Controlling the middle means to dominate the Emerald Generators in the center of the map. Emeralds spawn every 55 seconds, and a map can have anywhere between two to five generators.

This strategy allows for quick harvesting but does come with some challenges as PvP encounters are more common.

Rushing enemies that you think you can handle, and retreating to your base when you come across tougher enemies is a good way to ensure you keep the Emeralds you’ve picked up.

Upgrading to a Tier 3 Generator

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A Tier 3 Generator drops one Emerald every 20 seconds (or three every minute) and is one of the fastest ways to get them. It costs 12 Diamonds to buy the upgrade from the Team Upgrades shop.

It only takes seven minutes for the Generator to drop 21 Emeralds, which is enough to buy the Emerald Sword.

Take Out Other Players who Have a Lot of Kills

emerald armor bedwars roblox

With your gear and armor upgraded, open your team list and look for players with a lot of kills. Then find them on the map and rush them.

When you defeat them, you will receive all of the Emeralds they have, plus what they looted from other players.

A great way to make this strategy easier is to invest in blocks for a sky base and Telepearls. This allows you to snipe any player from almost anywhere on the map.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the many super fast ways to get Emeralds in Bedwars that will give you an edge in your game.

We hope you enjoyed this guide! Let us know if you have any questions about how to get Emeralds fast in Roblox Bedwars; just drop a comment below.

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