The Fell Monstrosity head is a level five Altar upgrade material that can be obtained by defeating the Fell Monstrosity boss found at two locations in Enshrouded.

While it’s a significant ingredient in upgrading your Altar, it also serves as a horrific decoration you can hang up in your barracks if your heart desires.

Where to Find the Fell Monstrosity in Enshrouded

The Fell Monstrosity can be found at the Cradle of Dust northwest of the Nomad Highlands fast-travel spire and the Elixir Well just south of Umber Hollow.

fell monstrosity head location on map enshrouded

Both locations are covered in a small pocket of Shroud, so be prepared for a boss fight under additional pressure and watch your timer.

From my research, this boss is best fought at range using either archer or mage gear to engage from a distance, as it’s a reasonably massive boss with a lot of mass that is hard to evade.

However, it also has ranged attacks, so don’t get caught off-guard even when engaging from a distance, and be prepared to dodge out of the way.

If you go the mage route, fire damage seems to be the route most players take to deal the most damage.

Upon defeating the Monstrosity, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • Various amount of runes
  • Smithing unlocks
  • A Shroud Core
  • Fell Monstrosity Head

You can now upgrade your Altar from level four to level five, and you can also choose to hang it up in your base if you feel so inclined to put this Monstrosity on display.