Fossilized Bone Dust is a late-game material in Enshrouded that can be crafted by processing Fossilized Bones at the grinding stone available through the Alchemist NPC.

While the process is straightforward, locating Fossilized Bones can be challenging as they are a rare resource. This guide will show you the best locations to find these massive bone piles.

Where to Find Fossilized Bones in Enshrouded

The best place to mine Fossilized Bones in Enshrouded is the Nomad Highlands in the desert biome. If you’ve climbed the Ancient Spire here, you can quickly teleport over using the fast travel spire.

Fossilized Bones can be identified on the map as a group of long/pointy ribcage bones, making them easy to spot if you are unsure of the exact location.

fossilized bones locations in enshrouded

Once at the spire, jump off the west side and glide towards the massive bone pile sticking out of the sand in the distance. Be sure to land on the middle spine section of the bones, as it’s the most significant piece to mine in one go, and starting from the top will probably be your best bet.

Make sure you bring at least a copper pickaxe to mine through the bone deposits efficiently. You will usually receive one piece every three to four swings.

Alternate Location for Fossilized Bones

If you’ve depleted the bones at the first location, head southwest from the first bone pile, and directly west of Umber Hollow, you can find another deposit marked on the map with familiar art depicting bones.

This pile is the same size but harder to mine from above, so you’ll have to hack away at the base and work your way through it.

There are probably more locations than this, but these should get you off to a good start. You can also obtain Fossilized Bones by breaking vases scattered around the Nomad Highlands.

Uses for Fossilized Bone Dust in Enshrouded

The primary use of Fossilized Bone Dust is to upgrade your Altar’s flame from level 4 to 5, which requires 20x dust in total, along with other resources. Use the bones at the grinding wheel with the alchemist to convert them.

They can also be used to craft various types of tools & items. Here are some other craftables that require dust:

  • Transcendental Screen (Shield)
  • Eternal Chain Heal (Ammo)
  • Eternal Ice Bolt (Ammo)
  • The Rouge Set
  • The Hunter Set
  • Pieces of the Warlock & Archmage set
  • Fertilized Farm Soil
  • Spinning Wheel, Hande Spindle, Loom
  • Fossilized Bone Arrows

Overall, it’s a pretty valuable resource as you enter the late game and max at your Altar’s flame at level 5, but it’s not too hard to come across if you use this guide as a starting point!