To get a chance at shuffling lucky tiles for rewards, you must complete all four areas inside the new Rave World. You can enter the Rave Wored at any spawn by walking into the building next to the “Lucky Tiles” sign.

Inside this event world, you must open all four doors by completing tasks such as destroying breakables, hatching eggs, and fusing gold/rainbow pets.

Once you complete all the objectives, you can enter the dance floor at the end of the world.

The dance floor also has a grinding area containing the Disco Egg so you can auto-hatch and grind simultaneously.

How to get rewards from Lucky Tiles

Once you reach the Dance Floor, you must destroy 500 breakables to shuffle the board. Once the board shuffles, whatever tile you are landing on when it stops is the reward you will receive.

lucky tiles dance floor loot rewards pet sim 99

Using a Lucky Tile Boost or Ultra Lucky Tile Boost will increase your tile luck, and you’ll have a higher chance of receiving a better reward when the shuffle stops.

Possible rewards from Lucky Tiles include:

  • Gifts, enchants, potions, keys, and other consumable resources.
  • Huge UV Kitsune
  • Rave Gift
  • Lucky Tile Boost
  • Ultra Lucky Tile Boost
  • Rave Hoverboard

You can AFK and grind this area without leaving, and the tiles will automatically shuffle every time you clear 500 breakables; there is no limit to the amount of time spent or the number of times you can shuffle the board.