You can receive gifted swords, game passes, and paid Robux items in Blade Ball from friends or generous players for free if you are lucky. The only way to receive a gift is if someone purchases the items and sends them to you.

When you receive a gift in Blade Ball, it will be automatically claimed to your inventory for you to use immediately. You don’t have to go through any menus or accept any requests to receive a gift.

Items you receive as a gift can’t be returned to the player who sent them, so make sure your friends know it’s permanent if they send you Robux swords or items in-game.

How to Send Gifts in Blade Ball

If you aren’t receiving gifts but would like to send your friends gifts or do a giveaway, all you have to do is click the gift icon on any purchase screen, pick a player, and send it to them!

All items in the game that cost Robux can be gifted to other players, including packs of wheel spins.

Be careful when sending gifts to other players because, as I said above, you can NOT undo the gift once it’s sent, and the player you sent it to will not be able to send it back.

Gifting is a great way to help your friends get rare items or give back to your community if you’re a YouTuber doing giveaways. It’s a cool feature to have that most Roblox games don’t.

That’s all it takes to send or receive gifts in Blade Ball. If you have rich friends, ask them to hook you up; if you are a rich friend, hook your homies up!