Blox Fruits in Roblox has been out for over three years, and their latest update on September 11 is one of the biggest.

Officially called Update 17 Part 3, the feature has lots of fresh content, but the one that excited everyone is the newly-added God Human fighting style.

You need to do a couple of tasks, so it may take some grinding until you become the God Human you want to be.

In this article, we guide you to this fan-favorite content. This is how to get the God Human fighting style in Blox Fruits’ Update 17 Part 3.

How to Get God Human Blox Fruits Update 17 Part 3

What you need to know first is that most players believe the God Human fighting style requires high mastery over all other fighting styles.

To be exact, players require a mastery level of 400 over all other fighting styles.

Next, you will go to Floating Turtle Island and find the big tree behind the Musketeer base.
how to get god human blox fruits update 17 part 3

On the first branch of this giant tree is an entrance to its trunk. This should lead you to an NPC named the Ancient Monk.
how to get god human blox fruits update 17 part 3

Once you have all other fighting styles at level 400, the Ancient Monk will require you to gather 20 Fish Tails, 20 Magma Ore, 10 Dragon Scales, and 10 Mystic Droplets.

Here is a brief rundown on where to get each material.

  • Dragon Scale – Hydra island in 3rd sea

  • Magma Ore – Hot and Cold in 2nd sea or Magma Village in 1st sea

  • Fish Tails – Fishman Island in 1st sea or Turtle Island in 3rd sea

  • Mystic Droplets – Forgotten Island in 2nd sea

If you want an efficient way of farming these materials, you can check out Roblox YouTuber Kaido’s video.

When you have all the materials, go to the Ancient Monk, and you can now learn the God Human fighting style at the expense of 5 million Beli and 5 Fragments.
how to get god human blox fruits update 17 part 3

This may take quite some time, or it might confuse you, so be sure to check out Roblox YouTuber Axiore’s guide.

God Human Showcase / Moveset

So how strong is the God Human fighting style, and what does it do?

The God Human fighting style has the Soaring Beast as its Z move, Heaven and Earth as its X move, and Sixth Realm Gun as its C move.

Soaring Beast lets you dash toward an enemy, deal multiple melee attacks, then go behind and knock the enemy in your original direction.

Holding the skill lets you deal more damage once activated.

Heaven and Earth is a skill that can be used instantly or channeled for full effect.

When channeled, you have to hold it until activation. Then, a swirl of wind will pass around until the ground explodes, which deals damage and knocks back surrounding enemies.

When activated instantly by tapping the X button, a small shock wave is sent out to your chosen direction that damages and knocks back enemies hit.

Sixth Realm is the final skill that dashes you forward and hits the first enemy multiple times.

After numerous attacks, the enemy is knocked back at a great distance.

Players can also hold this skill longer for more damage and knockback distance.

Roblox Content Creator Kymec’s video can be viewed below, where he showcases all these abilities.