There are numerous powerful transformations available for you to unlock while playing through Anime Fighting Simulator X. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the Great Ape and Golden Great Ape transformations.

How to get Great Ape Transformation in Anime Fighting Simulator X

To get the Great Ape transformation, you need to beat the Great Ape boss and get lucky enough to receive the Great Ape transformation item as loot.

The drop % isn’t confirmed, but it’s most likely that it drops about 10% of the time, similar to other boss drop rates for special items. Make sure to do as much damage as possible when fighting the boss to increase your chance of receiving the drop.

How to get Golden Great Ape

After you receive the Great Ape drop from the boss loot, you will need to train it to max level and unlock all of its moves. When you have achieved this, go find Vegita, and he will give you an increment quest to complete.

vegita location anime fighting simulator x

Vegita is located behind the Cell Arena on top of one of the rock mounds. Talk to him to begin the increment quest. This quest requires you to gain +1000 Strength & +1000 Durability. Once you gain these levels, head back to him & he will reward you with the Golden Great Ape skin.

Ape & Golden Ape moveset

Ape & Golden Ape both have the same moveset, but the Golden Ape is just stronger in general. Below are the moves that you can use when transformed & not transformed while using Ape special.

  • Z – Aerial Slam: Makes you rise into the air for a second before lunging forward and slamming down on the ground in front of you & dealing damage.
  • X – Death Beam: Charges up for a second, then unleashes a powerful pink laser that destroyed anything in its path. This was nerfed because it was very OP on release.
  • C – Transform/Saiyan Transform: This is the only move that differs between golden and regular. Depending on which you have equipped, this transforms you into the Great Ape, and you can use the same moves as when you aren’t transformed.