How to Get Honey Candy in Adopt Me!

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Honey Candy is a common food item in Adopt Me! that can me consumed or traded for other valuable pets & items.

How to Get Honey Candy in Adopt Me!

The only way you can obtain Honey Candy is to pick it up off of the ground after it’s been shot out of a Bees! Blaster.

Make sure you don’t have a pet equipped when trying to pick these candies up. They will eat them off of the ground before you are able to pick them up.

Players can only hold a maximum of 5 Honey Candy in their inventory at any one time.

honey candy adopt me bees blaster

The Bees! Blaster is an item that you can redeem using a code that comes with the purchase of the NERF x Adopt Me! promotional blaster.

bees blaster honey candy adopt me

You can buy the NERF blaster worldwide in stores or online. Every blaster comes with a code to redeem the Bees! Blaster.

nerf x adopt me bees blaster
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Trading Honey Candy in Adopt Me!

Honey Candy is pretty valuable in Adopt Me! and many people are willing to trade a lot for it since it’s pretty hard to get.

Not many people have bough the NERF gun, so your chance of getting even one of these candies is small.

The blaster is most likely a limited time item, so Honey Candy should increase in value in the future.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know about how to get Honey Candy in Adopt me! Unfortunately you will have to get lucky or buy the NERF gun yourself in order to get some.

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