The Hopeful Glimmer is a Legendary staff in Enshrouded that can be obtained from a golden loot chest at the bottom right of the map, southwest of the Sun Temple/Scatterbone Fortress.

The chest at this location does not guarantee a Legendary drop, so you might have to set up an altar and farm the chest until you land it. Beware of the shroud you’ll have to pass through on your journey to this area.

How to Get Hopeful Glimmer Legendary Staff in Enshrouded

Head towards the bottom-right of the map in the Kindlewastes and locate the Sun Temple just south of Scatterbone Fortress. Once at the temple, head directly west and navigate the terrain until you reach the cliffside.

hopeful glimmer staff location on map enshrouded

Once at the cliff’s edge, glide down and land on the huge, protruding, flat rock sticking out of the side of the cliff. Tucked away in the back corner of the overhang, you’ll find a golden chest buried in the rocks.

The loot chance to receive the Hopeful Glimmer is unknown, but it is not a guaranteed drop. Your best bet is to place an altar at the far side of the overhang so you can farm the chest until it drops.

Ensure you don’t place the altar too close to the chest, or you may notice that the loot won’t regenerate, hindering your ability to farm it correctly.

The base stats of the Hopefull Glimmer are:

  • Level 25
  • 47 power
  • +9 Shock Magic Damage (x2) for a total of +18
  • Precise: Increase critical chance by 5% (x2) for a total of 10%
  • Vicious: Increases backstab damage by 20%

If you’re looking for a decently strong staff later in the game, this is a good option until you can get your hands on the BIS Shroud Weaver staff.