How to get Hubert Cat Pet in Pet Sim X

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Hubert, the exclusive, dev-only Cat Pet in Pet Sim X, might be obtainable, with many players thinking up theories on obtaining one for their team. This guide will tell you all the current theories on Hubert and what Hubert’s true purpose may be.

How Do You Get the Hubert Pet?

hubert cat pet sim x

Currently, the only known way to own this pet is by being on the developer side of Pet Sim X.

We can assume all developers (and Preston’s friends at Pet Sim X) have Hubert. For example, Liedyou, a VIP member, former moderator, and close friend of Preston (the developer of Pet Sim X), owns a Hubert pet.

However, many theories, based on previous Pet Sim X easter eggs, are being put to the test to see if regular players can also find their own Hubert.

What are Some Theories on How to Get the Hubert Pet?

preston frozen glacier pet sim x

There is a theory that a secret passphrase, such as ‘knock knock,’ may need to be spoken to a frozen Preston (or to the door at Preston’s house) to unlock the Hubert pet.

preston's house pet sim x hubert cat

In the Glacier area, Preston the developer is frozen in ice with a Cat, a short hoverboard ride away from Preston’s house. These locations may be key to discovering more about Hubert.

There is also a new theory on what types of passphrases may need to be used to unlock Hubert.

lord nathan pet sim x hubert

In the Tech World, after parkouring up behind the Dark Matter Machine, it’s possible to read the words ‘Lord Nathan!’ written on the back of the machine. This may be a simple, unrelated easter egg, but it may also be a new passphrase that might help unlock Hubert.

pet sim x void cat hubert

Another theory is, in the Void, there is a Cat Pet hovering in the air. By jumping on the cubes around the map, it is possible to obby over to the Cat and touch it. This may unlock a step needed to get Hubert.

What Might Hubert Possibly be Used for?

For an exclusive pet, the stats of Hubert are the same as the beginner pets that Pet Sim X starts with (either a 2 or 3 Power).

Due to these low stats, Hubert may not be a breakables or high-damage pet, but instead, it may be a key in unlocking the Cat Hoverboard.

The Cat Hoverboard is a locked item in Pet Sim X that many players would love to get their hands on, so if Hubert is related to the Cat Hoverboard, this might finally be a way to unlock it.

Wrapping Up

The Hubert Cat Pet is one of many new mysteries that keeps the Pet Sim X community excited.

With the possibility that it may be related to the Cat Hoverboard, players are trying new theories every day to find out more about how to get the exclusive Hubert, and hopefully, the Cat Hoverboard.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions about Hubert, please leave a comment below.

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