If you have ever wondered if you can play as a character from the anime series Demon Slayer, the RPG Roblox game Project Slayers is for you!

In the anime, there are the Demon Slayer Corps and the Twelve Kizuki with ranks, groups, and families.

These ranks and groups create internal divisions that separate them through their strengths.

In the Project Slayers game, families give players certain advantages or disadvantages.

One of the best is the Kamado Family, and this guide should explain what the Kamado family is and how to get it.

What are Families in Project Slayers?

Families, or Clans, is a game mechanic that provides your character a backstory with certain perks to give you an advantage or disadvantage.

The Family you get is chosen randomly by the character creation skin by spin function.

The chance of getting families is also different, divided by a rarity system and determined outcome values.

  • Common 60%

  • Uncommon 23%

  • Rare 12%

  • Legendary 4%

  • Mythic 1%

  • Supreme 0.1%

Families in the Common tier have minor perks, while those in the Supreme tier have the best bonuses.

In the Supreme tier is the Kamado Family, a clan that provides your character the most perks and best buffs as a Human or Demon.

If you need a brief explanation of these clans, you can check out a video by GhostInTheCosmos.

How Do You Get Kamado Family in Project Slayers?

You can get families in Project Slayers through spins; there is no other way to get a family besides spins.

When you start the game, you will get five free spins in Character Creation, but you can always get more spins through the store using Robux.

However, having a 0.1% chance of outcome will require you to spin multiple times and spend hundreds or thousands of Robux for the extra spins.

Is the Kamado Family worth getting?

how to get kamado family project slayers
If you have the money and are invested in becoming the best in Project Slayers, then the Kamado Family is worth getting.

The perks of the Kamado Family are the most insane you can get with buffs in Strength, Speed, Stamina, Health, Breathing, and Pain Resistance.

Aside from your stats, you also get bonus weapons and abilities such as Regeneration and Indominate Will. You will also get three Block Bars and be able to see the health of other players’ items.

For avid fans of Demon Slayers and hardcore Roblox Project Slayers players, Kamado Family is worth the money spent when you get it.

However, you will need luck on your side to get it and money if you do not have the chance for it.

Just learning about this game? You can play Project Slayers for free on Roblox.