Roblox has been around for quite some time and has acquired many sponsors along the way.

One of them is Dick’s Sporting Goods which recently partnered with Roblox to help support their Back-to-School campaign by hosting a Roblox event called School of Sport.

In the School of Sport event, you will compete against other players in games and obstacles in a virtual campus called DICK’S Sporting Goods High.

Beating your opponents rewards you Style Points for purchasing clothing, and one clothing you should get is the Mascot.

Above is a picture of the Mascot head by Roblox connoisseur Roblox Events Leak that you can get from completing the challenge “Obtain 20 items of clothing” in the School of Sport.

How to Unlock Mascot Head DICK’s School of Sports Event

Yet to get 20 clothes will require you to earn coins to buy them since clothes are not free around the map like stickers and badges.

You can buy clothes in your locker in the Locker Room’s corner.
how to get the mascot head dicks school of sport

In the shop, you will need to spend Style Points which are the coins you will earn when you win games and obstacles.

In short, you will need to:

  • Participate in Games and Obstacles

  • Win

  • Earn Style Points

  • Spend it on clothing in the Locker Room shop

Yet earning enough Style Points require winning lots of games, and winning lots of games require lots of time and effort.

Luckily for you, there is an exploit you can use by downloading a third-party software or tool such as an auto clicker.

Using an Auto Clicker to get the Mascot Head

What an auto clicker does is, well, automatically click for you at a fast speed. You can watch it in action in this video here by SharkBlox.

In the video, Sharkblox recommends the software named AutoClicker, which is neither very creative nor subtle.

The Autoclicker software, however, can only be used by PC users and not mobile or console users.

To use an auto clicker for winning, go to the basketball court on the map and play the Hoops Challenge.
how to get the mascot head dicks school of sport

You will need to activate your Autoclicker software by pressing F6 while Autoclicker is open and you are in the Hoops Challenge Roblox.

Once the Autoclicker is activated and you are in the Hoops Challenge, hover your mouse over the Focus button and then quickly to the trash can or any target.
how to get the mascot head dicks school of sport

Shoot on hoops with the more significant number for more points, and you will most likely win.

Repeat this over and over until you can buy 20 items of clothing in the shop and complete the challenge.
how to get the mascot head dicks school of sport

Once you complete the challenge, you will receive the Mascot: School of Sport UGC clothing which is a Mascot Head you can wear in Roblox.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations, and you now have another piece of clothing you can flaunt to your friends and foes!

If you have not yet joined in on the fun, click on this link to find the School of Sport Roblox event, which Dick’s Sporting Goods sponsors.

Have fun and enjoy!