How to Get Mold, Wisp, Leapo & Yagoat in Doodle World

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Along with the massive variety of Doodles that you can find across their game world, the developers of the Pokemon-inspired Roblox adventure Doodle World have also included a host of hidden Doodles that you can come across and collect.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at four of these secret Doodles; Mold, Wisp, Leapo and Yagoat. Stick around to find out how you can find and claim them for your Doodlepedia!

How to Find Mold

For our first hidden Doodle, we will have to venture to the sewers in Lakewood. Mold is a Water and Poison-type Doodle.

It carries the trait Stormwater, which means if it is hit with a Water-type move, it gets a boost to its Magical Attack trait.

Although Mold is rare to find in the Sewers, it is fairly easy to take it on once you reach a high enough level. 

How to Find Wisp

For the second Doodle, we have another route-rare called Wisp. Wisp is a Ghost-type Doodle that has the trait ethereal, which means that attacks on a Wisp will miss more often.

Although the most challenging encounter due to the random attack misses, Wisp is both chainable and moderately easy to find in Doodle World.

How to Find Leapo

Our third find, Leapo, is going to be in the location called Route 4. Leapo is a Grass-type Doodle with the trait Scavenge, which allows it to pick up a random item every time a ‘wild’ battle happens. 

With one of the worst encounter rarities, Leapo might be a very hard find, so make sure you are completely prepared in case you do come across one. 

How to Find Yagoat

To find the final hidden Doodle on our list, you will have to go to the Route 3 region. Once you are there, there is a chance that you will find Yagoat in a random encounter (the encounter rarity is 1/50).

Yagoat is a Spark-type Doodle with either the trait Electrocution or Herbivore. 

Similar to Mold, Yagoat is a rare find, but the encounter is fairly simple. Yagoat is particularly weak in a matchup against Melee, Metal and Fire-type Doodles, so keep that in mind.

Wrapping Up

Although some of the rarest and hardest Doodles to find, the bragging rights that come attached with finding and collecting these secret Doodles will certainly be worth the time and energy spent.

We hope you found this guide helpful! Please drop a comment below if you have any other questions about Doodle World!

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