Over the years, Pet Simulator X has been a popular game amongst the trading community. A value system called RAP was introduced on March 4th, 2023, as part of the Comet Update. In this guide, we’ll explain what RAP is & how to increase it!

What is RAP?

RAP stands for Regular Auction Price and is a pricing/value system added later in Pet Simulator X. It’s a way to give pets value so that players can avoid scammers and also know what their pets are worth.

The value is calculated based on the average sale price of the pet at the auction board.

You can see the RAP of a pet by hovering over the pet in your inventory, at the trading booth, or at the global listings booth.

golden huge hell rock for 30b on the auction board in pet simulator x

Only Titanic and Huge pets can have a recent auction price, and each type (normal, gold, rainbow) also has its own value. Gold and rainbow are usually always more expensive than normal.

RAP changes frequently, similar to a stock market, this can make it hard to keep track of the value of pets if you don’t check often.

Very rich players and exploiters also manipulate the RAP of rare & expensive pets in order to get players to believe they are worth more.

Before Preston added this system to the game, players mostly relied on value lists & Discord communities to get an idea of what a pet was worth. It caused many problems with the economy and angered the player base.

How to get more RAP in Pet Simulator X

The only way to increase your RAP in Pet Simulator X is to acquire more pets with a higher RAP. This means that if you want to gain more, you will have to get lucky enough to hatch a Huge or Titanic pet or grind your life away and trade somebody for a higher-value pet.

If you are pay-to-win, you can buy Exclusive Eggs when they release and hope you get the best pet from it. If you happen to get a valuable pet, always sell it right away because pet values always fall after updates.

Another way to increase your RAP is to invest in rare pets that you think will increase in value in the future. Most pets fall in price or keep the same value forever, but some specific ones always increase in price because demand is very high.

If you invest in the right pets, you can increase your RAP rankings without even playing or buying new pets.

Overall this value system really broke the game economy and left many players angry. PSX use to be fun, but these days it looks like it doesn’t have much left to offer.