How to Get Mythical Pets in Collect All Pets Roblox

mythical pets in collect all pets roblox

Collect All Pets, created on February 20, 2022, with over 3.6 million visits, hosts an active community with players eagerly fusing pets into higher tiers, such as Mythical, and uncovering more of the game.

Getting your first Mythical Pet is an easy process; this guide will break down some of the easiest and quick methods to begin your Mythical Pet collection.

What are Mythical Pets?

Mythical pets are the highest tier pets currently available in Collect All Pets. They have the highest stats and are the most potent pets you can get in the game.

To add a Mythical Pet to your collection, you need to fuse three Ascended Pets of the same type.

Guide on getting your first Mythical Pet

Here is the standard method for getting your first Mythical Pet:

  1. Begin by hatching as many uncommon eggs as possible and then fusing them into rare and epic pets.
  2. Then, keep hatching eggs and fusing them up the tier list. As you get higher in the tiers, you will need more luck as, for the Prodigious tier, the fusion will require your pets to be of the same type. 

What is the Tier Breakdown for Fusing in Collect All Pets?

Here is what the tiers look like when it comes to fusing:

  • You need five Common Pets for one Uncommon Pet. They can be of any type.
  • Then you need five Common Pets to get one Rare Pet.
  • Then you need Five Rare pets to get one Epic Pet.
  • It’s five Epic Pets to get One Legendary Pet.
  • Five Legendary Pets to get One Prodigious.
  • Then it’s three Prodigious Pets to get One Ascended Pet. This tier requires the pets to be of the same type.
  • Finally, you need three Ascended Pets to get One Mythical Pet. This tier also requires the pets to be of the same type.

Tips to Get your first Mythical Pet Faster

Follow these tips and tricks for getting your first Mythical Pet faster:

  • While hatching and fusing your pets, collecting as many coins as possible is a good idea to help you progress in the game more quickly.
  • Whenever you see the red super crystals spawn in-game, send your pets to break them as they will also help you progress.
  • Level up your upgrades, such as drop rate, as much as possible to make progression faster.
  • If you are attacking higher-end breakables, the type of breakables that take a longer time to break are the ones to go for as they also offer more money, meaning you will progress faster.

Wrapping Up

Collect All Pets is as rewarding as challenging when fusing your pets up to Mythical. This guide has shown some of the best ways to get there. If you find yourself stuck, try to focus on your upgrades and cash to make hatching and fusing easier.

We hope you have found this guide helpful! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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