How to Get Pets in Laundry Simulator on Roblox

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Laundry Simulator is a pretty popular Roblox game where you run a laundry cleaning business. As you earn more $ you can buy bigger & stronger washing machines. In this guide we’ll show you how to get a pet which will help you do laundry!

How to Get a Pet

Pets can be bought from the Pet Barn which is the large red building on the right side of the map. Once inside of the barn you will see a screen that shows every pet that you can get in the game.

There are 20+ pets that you can receive by rolling a pet crate using gems. Each roll costs 50 gems & opens one crate. Just like many other games there are different rarities of pets (common, rare, epic, exotic & shiny).

how to get a pet in laundry simulator roblox

Nuclear Pets can only be obtained once from rolling the Nuclear Crate that you get for completing the nuclear journal.

You can earn gems by purchasing them with Robux or by earning them. You earn gems by picking up & washing gem clothing (emerald, ruby & sapphire).

It can take a long time waiting around for gem clothing to spawn, so prepare to grind if you want to earn gems for pets.

How to Get Shiny Pets

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The most valuable tier of pets in Laundry Simulator are classified as Shiny. Shiny pets are very hard to get but they have high bonuses which help you complete more laundry at faster rate.

There are currently three different ways to get Shiny pets:

  • Obtain them from rolling pet crates using 50 gems (0.2% chance)
  • Level up one of your pets to 250. It will automatically become a Shiny pet
  • Trade another player for one

Because shinies are so hard to get they are worth a lot. Make sure you sell them for a lot of gems if you decide to get rid of them.

How Pets Work

Pets aren’t only cute in this game, they are also helpful & will complete laundry for you if you want to be AFK. The higher level / more rare pet that you have, the faster it will do laundry.

Pets do have an energy bar so they can’t work forever if you want to AFK. Overall they are only slightly helpful & not completely necessary to enjoy the game.

Wrapping Up

We covered everything you need to know about how to earn & acquire pets in Laundry Simulator on Roblox. Which pet is your favorite?

Did you find this article helpful? Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns about getting your first pet in Laundry Sim!

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