Fire Force is a popular Japanese Anime/Manga that has finally made its way into a Roblox game adaptation. This guide will show you how to get the Press of Death (POD) in Fire Force Online.

How to get Press of Death (POD) in Fire Force Online

To get the Press of Death, you must reach rank 30 and hope you are lucky that it triggers it when you have been gripped/downed.

If it happens to trigger when you get knocked, you will enter into an animation for a few seconds, which lets you know that it has been activated.

While you are in the animation, you can’t be killed. When the animation ends, you will revive and be able to fight again. The exact boost you get from activating it isn’t 100% known at this time.

From watching a YouTuber who unlocked it, it seems that you get temporary health regeneration and possibly a damage boost, but it’s not confirmed yet.

Some players have reported that you also need some PvP experience before you can unlock it.

Since Trello doesn’t provide enough detailed information on how it works, many people are confused about it because it is unclear.

Once you are lucky enough to get it, you will have “awakened” it, which means you can now activate it whenever you want.

How to activate Press of Death in Fire Force Online

To active Press of Death, hit the “G” key, and you will see blue flames emerge from and cover your body. This move can be trained to level it up and make it stronger, so the first few times you use it after unlocking it, it will only last 5 seconds.

Training with it & using it often will build up the amount of time that you can keep it active for. The maximum amount of time that POD can last when maxed out is 3 minutes.

This move has a cooldown timer, so after it ends, you will need to wait 6 minutes before you can activate it again.