How to Get Rid Of Bad Omen in Minecraft?

bad omen curse minecraft raid

How to get rid of bad omen in Minecraft? You can remove this status effect simply by drinking milk. Or dying.

What is this curse anyway? And how long does it last? Let’s find out!

What Is the Bad Omen Curse?

This effect appears, when gamers kill a raid captain in an illager patrol, or illager outpost. If you are affected by the bad omen curse, you are going to cause a raid when you enter a village. Moreover, you become the target of the illagers.

It is easy to know, if you have this curse or not – it hangs over the player’s head. It is enough to have one single villager nearby to trigger the effect.

The curse usually lasts for 100 minutes, but you can have it for longer, in case you or a tamed wolf manage to kill another patrol captain. It is easy to identify the captain as it has a banner on its back.

The effect can ‘stack up’ up to level Five in Java Edition. The higher the level, the more waves the raid is going to have.

Beware! If you have a high level of the Bad Omen, forces carrying enchanted weapons might attack.

How to Get Rid of Bad Omen in Minecraft?

bad omen milk minecraft

Thankfully, it is relatively easy to get rid of this annoying curse.

To remove the status effect, drink some milk. Find a cow or a mooshroom and use a bucket to get the remedy.

Tip: milk buckets can remove any status effect.

However, you can always choose to ignore the curse. All you have to do is stay away from the villages.

To Wrap Up

Of course, getting the bad omen curse is unpleasant and inconvenient. But it’s one of the things that make the game more exciting, right?

We hope you found this guide on the bad omen curse helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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