How to Get Santa Paws in Pet Sim X

santa paws pet simulator x christmas event

There is a new strongest pet in town. As of the 2021 Christmas update to Pet Sim X, the Santa Paws pet is now the strongest pet in the game. This little guy is available as a pet up until the end of the event! In this article we go over everything you need to know about it.

All About Santa Paws

As with most pets in the game, the Santa Paws pet has four variants:

  • Regular (caps out at 18.6b damage)
  • Golden (55.2b damage)
  • Rainbow  (129b damage)
  • Dark matter (370b damage)
dark matter santa paws pet sim x

It is the dark matter variant that is the strongest pet in the game. If you have that version, then you will breeze through everything.

The regular version can be hatched via one of these eggs:

  • Christmas Tree Egg
  • Egg of Many Gifts

You will only be able to purchase these eggs using Gingerbread, an exclusive currency for the holiday event. However, there is under a 0.01% chance that you will hatch Santa Paws from one of those eggs! This means that you will need either a ton of Gingerbread, or you will need to get exceedingly lucky.

The Dark Matter variant can be pulled from the Insane Christmas Egg. There is a 30% chance of hatching the pet from one of those.

The Quickest Way To Get Santa Paws

insane christmas egg pet sim x

The quickest way to get Santa Paws is to purchase an Insane Christmas Egg. This will set you back 1,200 Roblux, but with the pet being in roughly 1 in 3 eggs, it is pretty much the best way to guarantee that you will get your hands on one. 

The Quickest Way To Find Gingerbread To Get Santa Paws

If you do not wish to spend cash in the shop, then your next best alternative is to hatch as many Christmas Tree Eggs as you can. You will need 400K Gingerbread to hatch each egg.

christmas tree egg pet simulator x

Everything that you normally do in the game to gain coins and other rewards will also provide you with Gingerbread. However, you are going to be there forever if you use that as your only option to gain the currency.

If you stay logged in, then Santa Paws will drop gifts on the server every so often. This can include Gingerbread.

Every 15-30 minutes, a random Gingerbread chest will appear in one of the worlds too. When this happens, you will be able to gain a ton of Gingerbread all at once.

Trade With Other Players 

Gaining gingerbread is going to be a grind. Even if you do get through that grind, the low hatch rate of Santa Paws means that there is no guarantee that you will get it. Once that holiday event is over, you have no chance of getting this pet again.

Remember, there is pet trading in Pet Simulator X. It won’t be cheap to get your hands on a Santa Paws this way. However, it is a guaranteed way to score the bet.

Wrapping Up

That is everything you need to know about Santa Paws and how to get one! This information should help you make your way to getting one a lot easier. Have you gotten the Santa Paws yet?

We hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

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