Mining Simulator 2 on Roblox is all about going deep into the earth to harvest various materials to sell for coins & hatch fantastic pets.

You can spend your coins on various pet eggs that hatch into unique, rare & even secret creatures to aid you in your mining adventure!

If you haven’t been lucky enough to get your hands on a secret pet, we’ll show you some tips & tricks to get you working towards your first one.

What Are Secret Pets?

There are many kinds of pets in Mining Simulator 2, such as common, unique, rare, epic, legendary, and secret.

Typically, when you purchase pet eggs, it shows you what kind of a pet can hatch from them; as such, secret pets stand at the top of the rarity and uniqueness table and are most challenging to find.

How Can You Get Secret Pets?

The Pet Index mechanic allows you to identify precisely which kind of eggs drop secret pets, so you don’t have to waste time farming for ones that don’t.

For instance, an Underworld egg has a chance of hatching into a secret pet, so you should try to unlock the Underworld area as soon as possible and start farming there.

Why Are Secret Pets Valuable?

Given how they’re at the top of the rarity table, secret pets have a one-in-a-million and sometimes even a one-in-two-million chance of dropping.

Hence, it is not the easiest thing to hatch an egg and get a secret pet instantly — patience is key.

Pro Tips And Tricks To Get Secret Pets Faster

how to get secret pets fast ms2
The game has inbuilt luck boosts that you can get from the shop, such as Omega Lucky Boost, Super Lucky Boost, and Lucky Boost.

These, as the name implies, can be used to increase your chances of getting secret pets.

All the upgrades from the Gem Enchant Shop allow you to hatch more eggs simultaneously and speed up the hatching process.

These rank from I to V, where the latter increases the hatch speed by a whopping 25%!

A good tip will be to buy the Triple Hatch or Fast Hatch from the Shop if you want to increase your luck of finding a particular pet.

Triple Hatch substantially increases your hatching speed, saving you time and increasing your odds of getting your pet.

Of course, getting the season pass increases your chances of hatching a secret pet from the season’s egg.

Furthermore, you can increase your chances by unlocking the premium pass rewards.

Wrapping Up

Rarity aside, the greater the difficulty in obtaining the pet, the more unique the pet is; hence, the more value you can get from trading it.

With the hype around secret pets being genuine, you too can be a part of that if you use the above-listed tips and tricks to increase your chances of getting one.