The Shroud Weaver is a legendary fire staff in Enshrouded that can be obtained as a 100% loot chance from a chest on the shores of the Kindlewastes near the bottom right of the map.

It is currently considered a BIS ranged weapon and can one-shot most enemies in the game, including some bosses. There are no requirements to get this stiff other than to make your way through the Shroud and locate the chest.

How to Get the Shroud Weaver Staff in Enshrouded

First, head to the Ancient Spire fast travel point in the Kindlewastes to locate the Shroud Weaver. This will be the quickest way to obtain this staff on your journey. If you don’t have this fast travel point unlocked, you must trek through the Shroud around the mountains on foot.

where to find the shroud weaver staff in enshrouded

Once at the spire, jump off the tower’s south side and glide southwest towards the right side of the rocky cliffs and rock formations in front of you.

Land on the rocky hills and make your way to the edge of the cliffs, where you can see the shore/water below you. While facing north on the island, descend the side of rocky cliffs until you see a small strip of green grass with a short wooden bridge at the end of it.

shroud weaver staff directions enshrouded

The chest containing the Shroud Weaver sits at the end of the small wooden bridge. The staff is a 100% drop chance from this chest, which doesn’t give any other loot.

The base stats of the Shroud Weaver staff are:

  • Level 30 (Maxes at 35 when leveled up)
  • 55 power (Maxes out at 62 when leveled up)
  • +11 Fire Magic Damage (x2) for a total of +24
  • Precise: Increase critical chance by 5% (x2) for a total of 10%
  • Vicious: Increases backstab damage by 20%

If you’re looking to max out your mage build with BIS gear, then you want to make the trip to pick up the Shroud Weaver from the depths of the Kindlewastes.