How to Get Tally Counter in Doodle World Roblox

tally counter doodle world roblox

Doodle World offers players a vast, mysterious island inhabited by strange creatures known as Doodles, created on March 31st, 2020, with over 820K+ visits. With a Tally Counter, players can track their chaining, unlocking benefits such as increasing misprint chances!

This guide will share how to obtain a Tally Counter for your chaining adventure with Doodles.

How Do You Get the Tally Counter?

Players can obtain the Tally Counter from the tutorial’s first quest you complete in the game. Here are some steps on how to achieve it:

  1. Go to the Help Quests board and accept the quest titled ‘Big Bully’ from Alice, who says a bully named Carson stole her money.
  2. Once you accept the job, meet Alice in front of the Help Center, where she will let you know that Carson, the bully, likes to hang out behind the Doodle Center.
  3. After talking with Alice, go right down the road and the stairs towards the Doodle Center. Go around back behind the building, and you will find Carson.
  4. Alice will suggest you retreat after successfully battling Carson’s friends, but not before you hear where Carson’s friends are going – near the Route 4 gate.
  5. Alice will suggest you heal before proceeding further, so when your team is ready after stopping inside the Doodle Center for a quick heal, head to the Route 4 gate, which is left from the Doodle Center, and past the Help Center.
  6. When you reach the Route 4 gate, Carson will force you to battle him. After defeating Carson, you will have completed the quest.
  7. To claim the quest reward (the Tally Counter), enter the Help Center and talk to the receptionist. You will be given $7000 and the Tally Counter as a reward.

What is the Tally Counter Used for?

The Tally Counter is a must-have item if you are ‘chaining’ doodles when you faint the same Doodle repeatedly. Chaining Doodles is essential for increasing your misprint, hidden trait, and skin chances. 

It is crucial to remember that if you capture or faint any other Doodle other than the one you are currently chaining, the Tally Counter will reset your counter to 0.

The Tally Counter can track which Doodle you are chaining and how many chain-kills you have. This item helps let you know which Doodle you are working on, enabling you to avoid accidentally breaking the chain.

You can find your Tally Counter in your ‘Key Items’, and when you click ‘Use,’ it will tell you your chaining status.

Wrapping Up

The Tally Counter in Doodle Worlds is super helpful for keeping track of your chaining. To obtain it is accessible by just following the tutorial and completing the question from Alice.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions on how to obtain the Tally Counter, please drop a comment below.

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