How to Get the AC130 Mod in Teardown PC

teardown ac130 mod steam workshop

Teardown is a super dope physics-based sandbox game that allows you to wreak havoc & destroy basically anything on the map. It’s a perfect game for modding & there are already 100+ official mods for the game. In this guide we show you how to download & use the AC130 Airstrike mod in Teardown.

How to Get the AC-130 Mod in Teardown

teardown ac130 mod steam workshop

If you are using Steam to play Teardown follow these steps to install the AC130 mod.

  1. First, go to the steam community workshop for Teardown
  2. Sort by popular mods from all time or search “ac130” in the search box
  3. Visit the mod’s description page & scroll down until you see a green “subscribe” button (must be logged in)/
  4. Hit subscribe. The mod is now in your Teardown mods folder.
  5. Start or re-start the game if you already have it open.
  6. When the main menu loads you should now see an option for mods under “play”
  7. Select the AC130 mod & enable it.
  8. You can now use & call out the AC130 at any time you want while playing sandbox mode!

What Is the AC130 Airstrike Mod?

The AC130 is one of the earliest & still one of the coolest mods to come out for Teardown. It places you in the gunner seat of a huge aircraft that cruises around the map.

You can see the plane flying around in the sky as it circles the map automatically. You don’t have to fly or even control the plane while you man the guns.

This mod is the most fun to use on larger custom maps that have a lot of buildings & vehicles on them. The weapons are pretty powerful & should have no problem eating through any obstacle on the map.

How do you use the AC130 Airstrike Mod?

teardown ac130 mod steam workshop

This mod is pretty simple to use & doesn’t take much effort to get it working. Once you are loaded into a map with the mod loaded, simply scroll over to the weapon called “Airstrike” in your inventory.

The item itself is just a military-style walkie talkie. In order to get into the plane you have to click the right-mouse button, this will teleport you to the gunner’s seat.

Once you are in the gunner seat there are 4 different weapons that you can cycle through using “C” on your keyboard. The weapons currently available on the AC130 are:

  • 25mm cannon – very high fire rate, low damage
  • 40mm cannon – medium fire rate, medium damage
  • 105mm cannon – slow fire rate, very high damage
  • Napalm – sets flammable materials like wood very quickly

Each one does varying amounts of damage & has a different fire rate. 25mm is the weakest weapon & 105mm is the strongest. To get out of the gunner’s seat, just hit the right-mouse button again to return to your body.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know in order to download & start using the AC130 mod in Teardown for PC. This mod is a ton of fun to use for roleplaying or even just destroying cities for fun.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

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