Apeirophobia is a popular horror game on Roblox where you must skillfully complete challenges and puzzles while avoiding monsters to beat the level.

The creators of Apeirophobia have teamed up with the devs of Pls Donate! to give a FREE booth skin to players who can locate it.

The devs hid the booth within a level of Apeirophobia, so follow the guide below so you can claim it for yourself!

How to Get the Apeirophobia BOOTH for Free on Pls Donate

how to get the apeirophobia booth for pls donate

To get the free booth skin, you must find it within a level of Apeirophobia. It’s pretty straightforward; follow these steps.

  1. Load Apeirophobia & start up a private server/room.

  2. Select level 2, “The Windows,” & start the game.

  3. From spawn, walk up the yellow flight of steps & follow the long hallway until you reach the end.

  4. Make a left and follow the hallway until you see an opening on the left side of the wall with a creepy-looking booth.

  5. Click on the flickering green button & it will turn red.

  6. You will get a badge & can now use the Apeirophobia booth on your Pls Donate account!

  7. Load Pls Donate, go to your settings & change the booth model to use your new booth in-game.

This booth is purely cosmetic & doesn’t give you any boosts or advantages Pls Donate.

The booth is an excellent collaboration idea & we hope to see more freebies like this in the future.

We’re not sure how long the free booth promotion will last, but it might only be a limited-time item, so make sure you jump in & pick it up before it’s too late!