How to Get the Blindseer Oath in Deepwoken

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Deepwoken is a PvP permadeath experience filled with unique power-ups such as Oaths. Blindseer Oath is one of the most powerful Oaths in Deepwoken (currently), offering a ton of perks along with a cool face accessory. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Blindseer Oath and its bonuses and effects!

How do you get the Blindseer Oath?

You will need the following pre-requisites before attaining the Blindseer Oath:

  • A blindfold (obtained from chests.)
  • 51 Willpower.
  • All of the Mental Fortress Talents: (Breathing Exercise, Conquer Your Fears, Disbelief, Encouraging Presence, Unyielding Focus)

How do I Build My Willpower?

You can purchase Prayer Beads from Etris or the Isle of Vigils which can train your Willpower. However, they take longer than other training, requiring sitting while holding the prayer beads.

Effective use of time is, wherever you are healing by a campfire, to use the prayer beads simultaneously.

Where Do You Find the Blindseer Oath?

Here is the step-by-step guide to find and acquire the Blindseer Oath:

  1. Enter Erisia.
  2. Take the frontward wall up to the plateau and turn right into a chasm.
  3. You should see stairs in the chasm; follow them until you reach the sand-colored short ledge. There is a gray stone building just behind that.
  4. When you reach the building, turn left.
  5. Keep climbing ledges in a left-forward direction until you see a small gate (entrance to the bandit town) and a large, dark stone wall. This wall is climbable if you have extra jumping power.
  6. When you climb high enough, you will start to see temple-styled pillars and enter Upper Erisia.
  7. Take the left pillar up and use a jump move that will launch you over the wall and into the Temple Courtyard.
  8. There will be Watchers in the courtyard, so tread carefully to avoid their sight as they will spawn Angels on you.
  9. Take the steps up, go into the temple (the Temple of The Forgotten Flame), and take a left.
  10. At the end of the corridor, there will be an exit. There will be glowing symbols on the outer side of the exit’s wall.
  11. Stand in front of the glowing symbols and equip your blindfold.
  12. Read the writing with your blindfold equipped, and you will get some flavor text that, after you press ‘continue,’ will allow you to accept the Oath. It won’t work if you don’t have the Oath’s pre-requisites.
  13. Once you take the Oath, your screen will turn a different shade of blue, and you will be able to see while blindfolded. 

What Bonuses and Abilities Come with the Blindseer Oath?

how to get blindseer deepwoken

The Vesperian race is bestowed a black mask with an eye symbol, while other races are bestowed a floating mark in front of their blindfolded eyes.

These are the bonuses and abilities that come with the Blindseer Oath:

  • 3 Health points.
  • 10 Sanity points.
  • One extra Support Mantra Slot.
  • One extra Wildcard Mantra Slot.
  • An increase in brightness.
  • You will no longer be blinded while wearing a blindfold, as you now have full vision.

You can equip other face accessories and still have access to Blindseer’s effects, not including increased brightness.

Is the Blindseer Oath Worth Getting?

Along with your other Talents and Willpower, the Blind See Oath will boost your Sanity to around 90 points, meaning you will be able to stay in The Depths for over an hour without shaking, clawing at yourself, or going insane.

This method helps tackle Insanity issues while navigating The Depths.

How Powerful is the Blindseer Oath Compared to Other Oaths?

Blindseer sits at the top of Deepwoken’s two discovered and documented Oaths. There are other Oaths in the game (such as Visionshaper), but at this time, they are more speculative as no one knows how to acquire them.

The only other well-documented Oath is Oathless, an Oath obtained as talent from powering up after you reach power 30, and it offers two extra Wildcard Mantra Slots.

Oathless is acquired from chance and may be easier to get than Blindseer, but it does not provide as many perks as Blindseer.

As more Oaths are researched, discovered, and documented, Blindseer may not stay as the most powerful Oath.

Wrapping Up

Acquiring the Blindseer Oath is a great way to give your character an edge in the unforgiving world of Deepwoken. Now you know everything you need to get out there and acquire this Oath for yourself.

We hope that you enjoyed and found this guide helpful if you have any questions on acquiring the Blindseer Oath, comment below.

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