Remnant 2’s randomized loot system may be a pain, especially if you want a specific item. Many players are seeking the Bright Steel Ring, which, unfortunately, is a randomized loot you might already have in your inventory. Here are some known ways to get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2.

Where Do You Get the Bright Steel Ring?

One of the easiest ways to get the Bright Steel Ring is by purchasing it through a merchant called “Reggie” or Reginald Malone. Reggie is only accessible once you complete the Ward 13 tutorial mission.

The Bright Steel Ring will not always be available in Reggie’s stocks. Hence, you must check his stocks regularly since they change after a certain amount of in-game progression.

A Discord User (Remnant’s Official Discord Group), Aquarius, released an Account Item List that provides players with insight on how to get specific items to appear on a merchant. One of the items included is the Bright Steel Ring.

To get the Bright Steel Ring to appear in Reggie’s shop, you must complete 15 Biomes — as to whether this is true or not is still unknown, considering the majority of the player base hasn’t testified yet. However, another user, Dark Moon Felis, shared a more fleshed-out version of the list that backs up Aquarius’ claim of the prerequisite, as shown below.

screenshot of remnant 2 account item list from discordAnother player mentioned that they found it randomly during an Adventure on Veteran difficulty.

With all of the randomness accompanying this item, we highly recommend you constantly check Reggie’s shop once you complete a milestone within the game, like defeating a World Boss or collecting a number of scraps.

We have also found a method that works every time. If you don’t want to constantly check on Reggie or have the time to complete 15 Biomes, you can join a friend who already has the Bright Steel Ring in Reggie’s shop.

Joining their game will let you purchase the ring without the hassle of completing the supposed prerequisites.

What Does The Bright Steel Ring Do?

screenshot of the bright steel ring from remnant 2 with details

The Bright Steel Ring provides players with the fastest evade roll possible, even carrying the heaviest armor set. This fantastic buff allows you to wear heavy armor without dealing with “fat rolls.”

We highly recommend you grind for this item as soon as possible if you like playing with heavy armor to get more mobility and speed for your character.