Anime Fighting Simulator X boasts a variety of mounts for players to collect, making exploration of the game world faster and more stylish. One such mount, the Capsule Bike, is sought after by many players.

You’re in the right spot if you’re here to find out how to get one. 

What’s the Capsule Bike?

The Capsule Bike is among the rarer mounts in Anime Fighting Simulator X. A bit of a letdown: it’s strictly for ground movement, meaning you won’t be soaring through the skies on this one. Still, it’s a cool addition to any player’s collection.

The design of this bike/mount draws inspiration from the Capsule Corp. spaceship from Dragonball Z, in case it looks familiar.

Chests: Your Key to the Capsule Bike

hidden chest on a mountain in anime fighting simulator x

You’ve probably stumbled upon various chests in Anime Fighting Simulator X. These chests are color-coded by common, rare, epic, legendary, and so on.

Inside, you might find Yen, Chikara, or other in-game items. As logic dictates, the more complex the chest is to find and open, the rarer its contents will be.

Securing the Capsule Bike

For the Capsule Bike, your target is the legendary chest, often distinguished by its golden hue. We can’t promise you’ll snag the bike on your first try – it’s not guaranteed.

It’s all about persistence. Keep searching and opening as many of these legendary chests as you can.

With some patience and luck, you’ll soon be cruising around on your Capsule Bike in Anime Fighting Simulator X.