How to Get the Cat Hoverboard in Pet Sim X

how to get the cat hoverboard pet sim x

The Cat Hoverboard is the newest unobtainable item in Pet Simulator X. In this article, we’ll give you all of the latest details and theories on how to get this hoverboard!

What is the Cat Hoverboard?

In the new Update 14 (Christmas Update – Part Two), many new hoverboards were added, including the Cat Hoverboard. Its description is ‘meow’, and it has a flame speed of one.

Is the Cat Hoverboard Currently Obtainable?

cat hoverboard pet sim x

Currently, the way to obtain the Cat Hoverboard is unknown.

All hoverboard descriptions give a clear indication of how to unlock the hoverboard, but the Cat Hoverboard is unique due to its vague description (‘meow’) and lack of its own achievement.

Due to its low flame speed, there is a running theory that this hoverboard will not require a gamepass or money (similar to the Sleigh Hoverboard) and will need a different way to be unlocked.

What Have YouTubers Tried so far to Unlock the Cat Hoverboard?

Many theories have been put to the test and disproven, such as:

  • Acquiring every single cat in the game, including gold, rainbow, and dark matter cats.
  • Turning all of your cats golden.
  • Acquiring all of the huge cats.
  • Naming your pets ‘meow’.
  • Saying ‘meow’ and ‘knock knock’ in the chat while standing in front of all the doors near the VIP area. This tactic was inspired by the Pogcat that was found by typing ‘knock knock’ at the blue door, which then teleported you to a secret room with a rare Pogcat egg.
  • Hatching 12 brand-new cats and fusing them.

Here are some of the most popular theories on getting the Cat Hoverboard:

  • There is a possibility that the Cat Hoverboard may be developer exclusive, meaning only the makers of the game can use it.
  • A very popular theory is that the Cat Hoverboard is hidden in a room behind a locked door, requiring the location to first be discovered, and then discovering the secret passphrase to unlock the door.
  • Similar to the PogChamp Achievement, it is also a possible theory that we will be told more by the developers, or find more details in-game, sometime in the future.

Wrapping Up

That is currently everything we know about getting the Cat Hoverboard. No one in-game has the hoverboard as of yet, and more theories are being put to the test daily as players try to figure out how to get this elusive hoverboard.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. Please drop a comment below if you have any theories, questions, or concerns!

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  1. I watched a video and i know how to get but you have get a cat thats not out yet… so we cant get it now! Which sucks so we have to maby a lot so i dont know what to do now so stay in pet simulator X.

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