Remnant 2 has a lot of mods that can dictate your playstyle. These mods provide a variety of effects, including buffs, active damage, or healing.

One of the most sought-after weapon mods is a shield that blocks enemy projectiles while allowing your allies to shoot through. This guide will tackle the materials needed for the Energy Wall Weapon mod in Remnant 2.

How to Obtain the Energy Wall Weapon Mod

To get the Energy Wall Weapon Mod, you need to craft it through Ava McCabe in Ward 13. Here are the materials required for the Energy Wall.

  1. Ionic Crystal x1
  2. Lumenite Crystal x5
  3. Scrap x500

Lumenite Crystals are easy to find, considering you can buy them from Cass for 300 Scraps (1500 for all 5 Lumenite Crystals), or you can find them by fighting Aberrations or Elite Enemies (random drops). On the other hand, Ionic Crystal may take a while before you can gather one.

Ionic Crystal Location

You must first get into N’Erud – Timeless Horizon dungeon to get the Ionic Crystal directly. Afterward, your primary starting point for this would be at Titan’s Reach World Stone.

Be wary of Titan’s Reach since it has extreme amounts of poisonous fog. From there, you should head straight to the location on the map below.

titans reach highlighted on a map in remnant 2

From there, step onto the circular platform, which acts as an elevator. You will need to proceed to the set of staircases, and at the very top, you’ll find the main component for the Energy Wall mod, the Ionic Crystal.

What Exactly Does the Energy Wall Mod Do?

As mentioned above, the Energy Wall mod deploys an energy barrier upon impact on the ground. Allies can shoot through the energy wall, but it will instantly block enemy projectiles.

The Energy Wall can block up to 500 damage from the enemy, which can buy you and your party some time to heal or to dish out some damage without getting harmed by the enemy.

Lastly, you can only deploy one Energy Wall at a time with a maximum duration of 30 Seconds (if not damaged by an enemy projectile). If your party has this weapon mod, consider strategically placing it only when needed.