Mounts are vital to travel when adventuring around Anime Fighting Simulator X. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the frog mount so you can hop into battle!

How to get the Frog Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X

To get the Frog Mount, you must be a Pirate or higher and then complete one quest from Jeera. Upon completion of the quest, Jeera will award you the Frog mount.

So before you even start, ensure you have leveled up to at least level Pirate, or you won’t be able to start the quest at Jeera. Once you are a high enough rank, talk to him, and he will give you a quest to complete.

The quest requires defeating One Tail or “Shukaku” boss once. After you beat him, return back to Jeera, and he will reward you with the Frog Mount.

Defeating Shukaku might be a challenge for new or underpowered players, so this may take you a few tries until you are strong enough. Shukaku can be found in the desert biome portion of the map.

You can find out when he spawns by looking at the boss timers board in the main hub area of the map.

Frog Mount Tips

There have been reports that if you use the Frog mount while in a One Tail form that you will get stuck inside of the Frog and not be able to move.

So be careful and keep this in mind if you have a One Tail form and plan on using the Frog Mount. Make sure you remove the transformation before riding it until they fix this issue.