Whether you’re starting or you already know your way around Remnant 2, it’s essential to find the perfect amulet for “The Traveler.” Hence, here’s a guide on how to get the Full Moon Circlet if you’re looking for more survivability traits for your character.

How to Find the Full Moon Circlet

Full Moon Circlet Location in Remnant 2

To find the Full Moon Circlet, you must have the Blood Moon active while exploring Yaesha’s The Imperial Gardens Area. Currently, there’s no known way of instantly triggering a Blood Moon. You might be able to get a Blood Moon if you keep spamming the “walk-in-and-out” of the dungeon door mechanic, according to some players. Once you have Blood Moon active on The Imperial Gardens, follow these steps:

  • Upon reaching The Imperial Gardens, walk forward and take the first left turn.
  • Make another left turn, and you’ll find yourself in a room with a statue and a trapdoor in front of it. The trapdoor has a Golden Full Moon Crest, so it’s evident if you stumble upon it.
  • Walk toward the trapdoor. Wait for it to open, then you’ll fall into a pit.
  • At the other end of the pit, you’ll see a pedestal that holds the Full Moon Circlet.

As you land on the pit, you’ll also unlock the achievement called Discover A Blood Moon Room, as well as some other bonus trinkets.

What to do if the Trapdoor Does Not Open?

Sometimes, the trap door might not open, even if you have a Blood Moon. There are also instances wherein you’ll be able to open the trap door, but you’ll find that the Full Moon Circlet is missing.

A few players noted that re-rolling the entire adventure mode and doing the process again spawns the Full Moon Circlet, so you may have to try the method above a few times to get the Full Moon Circlet.

What Does the Full Moon Circlet Do?

The Full Moon Circlet is an amazing amulet that grants a three percent (3%) Ranged-Damage Lifesteal and provides a buff that increases your damage by 20% at full health. This amulet is ideal if you want your character to survive more fatal encounters and if you’re working as the backline glass canon for your team.