How to Get the Hippomelon Pet in Pet Sim X

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Whisper it quietly, but there is a new secret pet in Pet Sim X. 

The Pet Sim X April Fool’s event was in full swing yesterday, and many players rushed to get the Hippomelon, a one-of-its-kind creature similar to the Crocodile. The Hippomelon is one of the only Exclusive pets that is accessible to players after completing three mini-quests, and all that without the use of any real-world money!

Want to know the steps to get access to this extremely rare pet and add it to your collection? Read on!

How to Get the Hippomelon in Pet Sim X

Before we begin explaining the process to get this exclusive pet, please take note again that you will only be able to get the Hippomelon if you access the game during the April Fool’s event.

  1. The first step is simply typing ‘April Fools’ in the in-game chat. You can press the “/” key on your keyboard to access the in-game chat box.
  2. The next step is to trade any three of your pets with your friends. You can do this by going into the Trading menu and selecting whichever of your friends you want to trade with.
  3. Finally, you will have to go to the Trading Plaza and fuse three of your Festive Elves in the fusing machine. If you didn’t have any, it was incredibly difficult to acquire them as the price of Festive Elves skyrocketed to between 3 and 5 billion gems!

If you are here after the event, fret not. You can still get the Hippomelon, but only by trading for it with one of your friends if they have it.

How Much is the Hippomelon Worth?

As it is one of the most collectable items in the entire game and only available without cost for a limited time, the Hippomelon is one of the most coveted items in the game.

That kind of rarity has made it one of the most expensive items to have in your collection. According to PetSimXValues, the Hippomelon is currently valued between 4 billion – 10 billion gems & is expected to rise in the future.

Wrapping Up

The fourth best pet to have in terms of value makes the Hippomelon the best Exclusive to have in your collection, as you essentially get it for free. And with the value mentioned, you can flaunt this to all of your friends that did not get it.

If you didn’t get your own Hippomelon, you can still trade for it as we mentioned earlier, but expect the value of this pet to go over the roof. Good luck!

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