How to Get the Huge Cupcake Pet in Pet Sim X

how to get huge cupcake pet sim x

With Pet Sim X’s new update introducing ‘Mastery,’ players can now receive gifts, with a lucky drop gifting a brand new exclusive pet, the Huge Cupcake Pet!

This guide will share how to get the Huge Cupcake pet and its drop rates.

How Do You Get a Huge Cupcake in Pet Sim X?

huge cupcake pet sim x

The Huge Cupcake, an Exclusive Pet, is obtainable by claiming free gifts, a new feature added with the ‘Mastery’ update. It allows you to collect gifts every three hours, progressing through 12 different kinds of gifts, each offering additional rewards and XP. For example, the first gift offers 150 XP, and the last gift gives 1700 XP.

The gifts come in three regular, four golden, three red, and two exclusive gifts. While most of the gifts offer Lootbags or Presents as a reward, the 11th and 12th gifts (the exclusive gifts) have the possibility of dropping the Huge Cupcake pet.

However, even though players can obtain the Huge Cupcake from the last two gifts, it is not a guaranteed drop. And although the Huge Cupcake may seem challenging to get, it is currently the easiest Huge Pet to obtain in Pet Sim X.

What are the Chances of Getting the Huge Cupcake?

From the 11th gift, getting the Huge Cupcake is 1 in 20,000 (0.005%), and from the 12th gift, the chances are improved at 1 in 2,000 (0.05%.) Although the rates can be on the low side, opening the 11th and 12th gifts as much as possible will help improve your chances of receiving the Huge Cupcake.

What Do We Know About the Huge Cupcake?

The Huge Cupcake Pet is based on a pet from the Fantasy world, the Cupcake Pet.

It is also the second pet that allows players to obtain it without using Robux or Currencies and is the second unlimited Huge pet, meaning there is no limit to how players can hatch many of this exclusive pet in-game.

Wrapping Up

The Huge Cupcake has many players incredibly excited. Many players open gifts as fast as possible to obtain them, and a few beat the odds and hatch it for themselves.

By keeping an eye on the timer and opening your gifts the moment they are available, you’ll be able to increase the number of times you are opening the 11th and 12th gifts, increasing your chances of hatching the Huge Cupcake Pet for yourself as well.

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions about hatching the Huge Cupcake, please drop a comment below.

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