The only way to get the Noob Blade sword in Blade Ball was by entering the code “NOOB” for a limited time during the early release days of the game.

The Noob Blade is no longer obtainable by code, so only players who were lucky enough to claim it when it was active have the sword.

Since swords aren’t tradable in Blade Ball, you won’t be able to get this sword from other players, either. This means that the Noob Blade is technically one of the most rare swords in the game, and very few players own it.

This sword has no special VFX or swing animations like Robux swords, so there is no VFX menu to customize it.

There is also another limited-time code sword called the “Noob,” which is similar to the Noob Blade, but instead of a skinny yellow sword with a small noob at the hilt, the entire sword itself is just one giant noob avatar.

Both swords are just as rare, so if you own either of them, you own one of the most rare swords in the game!

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Noob Blade in Blade Ball; I hope you found this quick guide helpful.

Happy Blading!