How to get the Operator badge in Ability Wars Roblox

To unlock the Operator badge, you must complete every quest in the quests menu. Earning this badge will also unlock the Engineer class. You can check the quests and which ones you have achieved by talking to Floppa.

It will likely take you a while, as the last few quests on the board are challenging. I could be more skilled at Ability Wars, so these proved tricky for me as a noob player.

Some players have reported that you don’t need to complete the last quest on the board to get the badge, but you do.

All Ability Wars quests and how to complete them

Below you will find every quest in Ability Wars and what you need to do to complete them.

Buy an item from the shop

This one is straightforward. Head to the shop and buy something cheap like “kick” so you don’t waste punches. The reward is 50 punches.

Punch someone into the void

Another simple quest. You must knock a player off the edge of the map into the “void.”

Complete this one using your wits to outsmart other players. We suggested you use Coffee for an extra boost or Shift to knock a player off when fighting near the edge.

Find the Backrooms

To find the Backrooms, enter the “Cave” and go to the top-left corner. Use first-person mode to get yourself perfectly into the corner & you will drop down & complete the quest.

Kill someone with Boomerang

You must use the Boomerang ability to complete this quest. Get a player down to low health, then finish them off with the Boomerang to complete the task & earn some punches.

Blow someone up with Cake

Purchase the Cake ability if you don’t already have it, then jump into a game. The Cake can be challenging to use, but once you land that perfect shot & blow someone up, you’ll complete the mission.

Go to the Moon

This mission requires two players to complete it. Use the Gravity ability simultaneously as another player, and you will fly into the sky up to space.

Kill a boss

One of the more challenging missions as you get to the bottom of the list. The recommended strategy is to use the Deflect ability to keep other players away from the boss while protecting yourself so you can land most of the damage.

Infect five people with Hivemind

Players struggle with this mission because it requires communication with others for everyone to complete it.

To complete this mission, you must find a server with Hivemind users & then get infected by them. When five total people get infected with Hivemind, you will all win.

Have your Robot kill two people

A challenging second-to-last mission. Lure two players into a tight space like the cave and get them to low health.

Ensure your robot lands the last hits, or the kills won’t count toward the mission. It will probably take you many tries.

Get a 300 killstreak with the Devourer of Souls

The last mission in the challenge is to unlock the Operator badge. We suggest you look up a separate guide on the best DOS (Devourer of Souls) strategies to get a 300 killstreak.

Once you can accomplish this, the Operator badge & Engineer class are yours.