How to Get the Phoenix Marker in Find the Markers!

phoenix marker find the markers roblox

In Find the Markers, Roblox players have to scour across the game map to find over 150 types of markers. Many try to collect them all to earn special badges. However, not every marker is easy to find. 

If you’re one of the players still looking for the Phoenix marker, look no further! This guide will walk you through the steps of getting it. It’s easy once you get started. 

How to Get the Phoenix Marker in Find the Markers!

  • Launch the “Find the Markers” game and enter the small tan brick house.
  • Walk inside the fireplace in the middle of the house. This will teleport you to a new room. (Hint: It is made of red bricks and in front of a purple rug.)
fireplace find the markers roblox
  • Once teleported to an empty yellow gold room, you will see a yellow marker. This is NOT the Phoenix marker. Walk towards the left corner of the room by the marker. Here if you look closely there’s a thin section of the wall that you can enter. (Hint: This can be glitchy, and the bulk of your avatars clothes or hair may get in the way!)
  • You will then enter a narrower yellow gold room. There will be another marker there, but this is NOT the Phoenix marker. 
  • Walk to said other marker (it is brown/orange). This will teleport you to a bright orange fiery room. 

Inside the Fiery Room

  • Jump on the orange hexagon platform in front of you.
phoenix marker roblox
  • Move to the lower orange platform. 
  • Three more jumps: all still orange hexagon platforms. Go right, go straight and jump over the yellow right to another platform.
  • The final jump is a jump to the left. It is easy to spot because it has the Phoenix marker.
collect phoenix marker find the markers
  • Collect the Phoenix marker. 

Other Markers in Find the Markers

Once you have the Phoenix marker, you can explore other markers such as the Catzo Marker, the Flan Marker, or the Sandstorm Marker. Each marker has a difficulty level—some are hard to find while others are challenging. 

Special markers include the Star-ker, the Liquid Marker, and the “…”, which is a black and red marker that is near impossible to get by.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this guide has helped you get to the beautiful, smoking Phoenix marker. Grow your marker collection and earn the most coveted badges in the Find the Marker community!

What else is missing from your collection? Did you think getting the Phoenix marker was easy? Is it now your new favorite marker? Let us know in the comments below!

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