The only way to get the Rapture ability in Blade Ball is sheer luck by rolling it as a reward on the spinning wheel in the lobby.

The odds of receiving Rapture as a reward from the spin wheel is only a 2% chance, so expect to spin at least 50 times to land on it (still not guaranteed).

Rapture has been on the spinning wheel since release day when the game first came out in October 2023.

The developers never added another way to receive Rapture other than the spinning wheel, which angered many players who don’t have Robux to spend on the game.

It was temporarily removed from the wheel when the devs tested other methods to earn it, but it was quickly added back because players who spent thousands of Robux to get it were mad that free players could make it for way less than they did.

Early in the game, Rapture was considered pay-to-win as only the wealthiest players could afford to spin the wheel until they landed on it, and the slight drop rate meant only a few lucky F2P players owned it.

However, many more abilities have been added to the game since then, and Rapture isn’t as OP as it used to be during the early days of Blade Ball.

Many players still enjoy using Rapture, and new players are disappointed that it costs so much Robux to obtain.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news; unless you are willing to spend a lot of Rovux on the spinning wheel, there is no other way to earn the Rapture ability in Blade Ball.

The game is slowly dying, and updates aren’t helping, so it’s unsure if Rapture will ever get a different way to earn it, but we can only hope.