How to Get the Secret Bladee Pet in Pet Simulator X

bladee secret pet simulator x

Pet Sim X is celebrating Halloween this month with a super cool update that has brought over 10+ new pets to the game. The Bladee pet is a brand new super exclusive pet that players are wondering how to get, but is it possible? Find out in the article below!

How to Get the Bladee Pet

The Bladee pet is a brand new super exclusive pet that has supposedly been added to Pet Sim X. It is a bird type pet that is modeled after an African Grey Parrot.

This pet was designed by Roblox developer IDHAU & was added into the game by the Pet Sim X developers. Currently there are only 18 of these Bladee pets available in the game & IDHAU has every single one.

The developers of Pet Sim X gifted him a full team of his creation (which is super strong btw) so he is the only player who owns this pet in game. However there are rumors going around that IDHAU is joking around & doesn’t actually have any of these pets.

So for now it doesn’t look like anyone will actually be able to get their hands on the Bladee pet. If IDHAU actually has them, the only way to obtain one would be to buy it from him!

There are all kinds of rumors online about whether or not Bladee actually exists or not. I guess we’ll have to be patient & find out if this pet will actually be coming to the general public to acquire.

If anything the Bladee pet will probably be introduced in the future like how the Pog Cat & other pog pets were introduced last month.

Bladee Pet Statistics

The Bladee bird pet is level 10b by default. This makes it the 2nd strongest exclusive pet in the game next to the Dominus Darkwing pet. Since this pet is currently unobtainable we can’t be sure to how strong it actually is.

If we ever get more news on Bladee we could propbably assume then when leveled up to gold that it is the best & strongest pet that you can get in Pet Simulator X.

Wrapping Up

Do you think the Bladee pet is cool & worth getting? We can only hope that it will actually be available in the game sometime soon.

Please feel free to drop a comment below to let us know what you think about the Bladee pet or if you have any questions or concerns!

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