Mounts are vital to travel when adventuring around Anime Fighting Simulator X. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the rocket-powered Striker mount so you can blast into battle!

How to get the Striker Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X

To get the Striker Mount, you must talk to Spade, who is located on the beach behind the Library on the main spawn island of the game. Once you complete a series of quests from him, he will grant you the Striker Mount as a reward.

spade quest giver anime fighting simulator x

The first time you talk to Spade, he will have you complete a series of increment quests like +500 strength, +500 chakra, etc. These aren’t usually hard to complete but will take some grinding in order to reach the increment requirements.

Once you complete the set of increment quests, head back to Spade, and he will give you another set of tasks to complete. This time you will need to kill specific NPCs on the ice island.

On the island, you will find Pirates, Brutes & Yetis. The quest will require you to kill a specific amount of each one of these NPCs.

After completing these tasks, head back to Spade again, where he will assign you the final quest to complete before you can unlock the Striker. The final task is to kill the boss on the ice island named Arlongo.

Arlong is considered the easiest boss in the game, so if you have a pretty decent account, you should have no problem beating him.

After you defeat the ice boss, return back to Spade one last time to claim the Striker Mount and some other mats as a reward.

Striker Mount Tips

The Striker lets you move across the map quickly. It is pretty fast on land and can even stay in the air for a while if you hit a bump or drive off of a high part of the map.

It works best in the water with no obstacles, and it seems to go faster in water than on land. Some people may refer to it as the red & yellow rocket mount, but the actual name of it is the Striker.