In our youth, most of us have always wondered what we would be if we had super powers or abilities.

Would we use it for good, for evil, to be a hero or a villain?

A game in Roblox named Ability Wars allows you to get extraordinary abilities and even excellent vehicles like a UFO.

In this article, we look at the UFO in the Roblox game Ability Wars and the abilities it brings.

How to Get the UFO in Ability Wars Roblox

You will need to complete two sets of missions, rewarding you with two badges as proof you did them.

One of the two badges is the Operator badge, and the other is the Moonist badge.

Here is a step-by-step to getting both badges and completing all missions.

  1. Complete all ten missions from the Rabbit in the lobby.
    how to get the UFO in ability wars roblox

  2. Acquire the Operator Badge, but you do not need to equip it.

  3. Get the Gravity ability and find another player who also has the Gravity ability.

  4. Use the Gravity ability simultaneously with your partner to get to the moon.

  5. Landing on the moon acquires the Moonist Badge.

  6. The UFO ability will now be available. Equip it, and enjoy!

how to get the UFO in ability wars roblox

That is it for the guide; if you want a tutorial video, here is one created by Roblox content creator Jeckle06.

Now, let us see what the UFO brings to you – the user.

What Does the UFO Do in Ability Wars

With the UFO equipped, you can fly around the map & use alien-like abilities suitable for its UFO theme.

Pressing ‘E’ summons a UFO that will beam you up to ride the alien aircraft.

However, summoning the UFO also calls a pod that you can destroy by using any punching or attacking ability to make the UFO disappear.
how to get the UFO in ability wars roblox

While in the UFO, you can press Q, which creates a red beam below the aircraft. The red beam will beam up and damage all enemies that it hits.
how to get the UFO in ability wars roblox

If you press E while inside, the UFO will eject the player from the aircraft at speed. You can use it to escape quickly, move strategically, or do tricky movements.

A quick rundown of the abilities can be found in this video by Roblox content creator SpeciFlo.
how to get the UFO in ability wars roblox

The UFO is a great tool to mess around with players and rack up kills in Ability Wars.

The time and effort needed to complete the mission may be a lot, but it is worth the try.