Roblox My Movie is your chance to become a famous Roblox film producer. However, you’ll need to get your hands on some tickets in order for others to see your movies. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get more tickets in Roblox My Movie to get your movies seen!

How to get Tickets in Roblox My Movie

There are a few ways to earn tickets in Roblox My Movie. The easiest way is to stay in the game for a while & eventually, you will see movie tickets fall past your screen. Click on the tickets as they fall & you will be awarded some to the balance in your inventory.

The second free way to get tickets is by logging in daily & claiming the daily login reward for up to a total of 4 days. Here are the reward levels.

  • Day 1: 100 tickets
  • Day 2: 250 tickets
  • Day 3: 500 tickets
  • Day 4: 1,000 tickets

Another way to get tickets is to spend Robux on the “Golden Ticket” gamepass for 399 Robux. This gamepass will increase the number of free tickets that fall past your screen, thus giving you more tickets overall each time you click one. This is a good method if you don’t mind spending some Robux.

Similar to buying the Golden Ticket gamepass, if you have Robux to spend and don’t want to grind for days, you can buy tickets directly using Robux. There are different ticket amounts available for purchase.

  • 500 tickets – 25 Robux
  • 2,000 tickets – 89 Robux
  • 10,000 tickets – 400 Robux
  • 60,000 tickets – 2,000 Robux
  • 150,000 tickets – 4,500 Robux

What to do with tickets in Roblox My Movie

Once you have some tickets, you can use them to play your movies on the screen for everyone in the lobby to see. If people like your movie, they can like it & you can see how many likes/views it got.

This is currently the only use for tickets in the game.