How to get to the Axolotl Ocean World in Pet Sim X

axolotl ocean world update pet sim x

The Axolotl Ocean World is the newest update to Pet Simulator X, where players will be able to hatch new axolotl-themed pets, collect a new type of in-game coin, and explore new underwater mysteries.

This guide will show you how to reach the Axolotl Ocean, along with what kinds of treasures are waiting for you under the ocean.

How Do You Get to the Axolotl Ocean?

The Axolotl Ocean can be reached by traveling through the Void, a new area accessed by completing three quests at the Hacker Portal in the Tech World.

How Do You Complete the Quests at the Hacker Portal?

Three quests will need to be completed at the Hacker Portal to access the next area.

First, walk up to the Hacker Portal and press ‘E’ to activate the quests. You will then receive your first mission: breaking 10 Giant Hacker Chests.

hacker portal pet sim x

Move around the Hacker Portal area and send your pets to break nearby large chests. Once you have broken ten chests, return to the portal, and it will give you your second mission.

The second mission is a little more complicated, requiring you to collect 50 Lootbags. Players can accomplish this by looting breakables and taking the Lootbags that spawn nearby. After you have collected all 50 Lootbags, hop back over the portal for the last mission.

The third and final mission asks you to convert three pets to Dark Matter. This mission typically takes the longest to complete, as pets take time to transform in the Dark Matter Machine. This wait, however, can be reduced if players use more pets at the same time.

When you return to the Hacker Portal with your pets transformed, you will receive a new pop-up saying that the portal is permanently unlocked. You can then pass through and access the following area: The Void.

Beyond The Void, you will find a cannon that will launch you into the Axolotl Ocean area.

What is New in the Axolotl Ocean World?

There are many new features to enjoy in the Axolotl Ocean, such as the ocean theme that makes you feel like you’re underwater, complete with underwater sound effects. There are also new ocean-themed breakables and cute Axolotl pets.

The Axolotl Ocean also comes with a new currency, the Rainbow Coin, used to open the regular and golden eggs available and progress through the underwater area, along with new places waiting to be unlocked!

Here is a list of the new Axolotl pets available in the new Ocean world:

  • Hellish Axolotl
  • Empyrean Axolotl
  • Astral Axolotl
  • Hydra Axolotl
  • Storm Axolotl
  • Axolotuus
  • Midnight Axolotl
  • Fancy Axolotl
  • Lumi Axolotl
  • Nature Axolotl
  • Camo Axolotl
  • Chill Axolotl
  • Fairy Queen
  • Gargoyle Dragon
  • Huge Gargoyle Dragon
  • Orca


The Axolotl is one of the most-anticipated updates to hit Pet Simulator X, with players eager to get their hands on new pets and explore a new area.

Once the missions are complete at the Hacker Portal, it is easy to access the Axolotl Ocean and enjoy the exotic new pets available.

We hope that you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions on reaching the Axolotl Ocean area, please drop a comment below.

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