Nico’s Nextbots is the latest thriller/horror escape game that has taken over YouTube & won over plenty of players looking for a thrill.

Since launching in early July of 2022, the game has had at least three significant updates, which have improved gameplay & quality of life overall.

The Backrooms

Included in the second update was the addition of an area called “The Backrooms.” Anyone who keeps up with gaming or internet meme culture is probably already aware of the recent popularity of this meme.

The Backrooms is an all-yellow, dark, dingy & creepy representation of a building or retail shop’s back storage or office rooms.

In this area, you will run into different Nextbot PNGs than the ones that chase you on the lower levels of the map.

As of this article, the only bots that you can run into in The Backrooms are:

  • Patrick Bateman

  • iShowSpeed

  • Nerd Emoji

If you are feeling brave & have the skill to stay away from the bots, this area should be easy to survive in, even though it is super creepy.

How to Get to the Backrooms

Nico's Nextbots Backrooms
If you’re feeling brave & ready for a challenge, follow the steps below to locate & enter The Backrooms.

  1. Start on the first floor/level of the parking deck. This large dark area with cars parked around it connected to one of the safe rooms.

  2. Take the steps or the ramp to the second floor of the parking deck.

  3. You should see an elevator in the corner of the parking deck that you can interact with using “E.”

  4. After a short black screen, the elevator will take you to The Backrooms. Get ready to run!

Now that you are in The Backrooms, get ready to run & survive. If you get caught & die in the area, you will spawn again in the regular safe zones & have to find your way back.

Currently, there isn’t much to do in The Backrooms except for evading the Nextbots that live there.

There are a few secrets that don’t currently work or do anything. For example, a door in the far corner deep in The Backrooms has an “E” to interact option but doesn’t cause anything to happen when used.

That’s everything you need to know about accessing this semi-secret area of Nico’s Nextbots. Are you ready for the challenge?