How to Get Tokens Fast in Clicker Simulator Roblox

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Clicker Simulator, a pet clicker experience with over 85 million visits, has a massive community where players can obtain paid game items for free with Tokens! Unfortunately, these Tokens are somewhat rare and may take some insider knowledge to get.

This guide will show you everything you need to know to get your Tokens in Clicker Simulator and what they are used for in-game.

What is Clicker Simulator?

clicker simulator roblox

Clicker Simulator is an experience where players click to rack up clicks, hatch legendary pets that players can trade, earn gems and Tokens, and discover the secrets waiting in Clicker Simulator as more clicking power is obtained.

How to Get Tokens in Clicker Simulator Roblox

There are three ways to gain Tokens in Clicker Simulator:

  • First, you can use Robux and convert it into Tokens.
  • You can unlock specific achievements that will reward you with Tokens.
  • Finally, you can also trade pets for Tokens.

How Do You Get Tokens with Robux?

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You will want to open the shop menu with a list of Token amounts and their Robux cost. Select the amount you wish to buy, hit ‘confirm,’ and start using your Tokens! One Token is equal to one Robux.

How Do You Get Tokens from Achievements?

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There are two achievements available that give Tokens as their reward:

  • You can click 50 million times and earn 250 of them as a reward.
  • Hatching 10 million eggs will also grand you an additional 250.

These achievements are rare and challenging to obtain, as no player in the game has currently beaten them. However, some players on the leaderboard are closing in on completing this, so it is only a matter of time before players begin unlocking these achievements.

How Do You Get Tokens by Trading?

You can earn rare and good pets of high value to trade with other players for Tokens. Once you have rare pets that you want to sell, you will want to either ask around in-game or go to the official Discord server for Clicker Simulator and ask users if they are interested in trading.

What are Tokens Used For?

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Tokens are helpful for players who do not want to spend Robux but still want paid in-game items. With Tokens, you can purchase Robux items such as game passes or Robux eggs at the same price as what the item costs in Robux.

Tokens are also helpful for high-value trading and often help you obtain rare and legendary pets.

Wrapping Up

Clicker Simulator is easier to play with Tokens, even if obtaining them is difficult. By either converting Robux, unlocking achievements, or trading pets, you will gain Tokens to use in-game.

We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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